The Times Noticed That Organic Jeans Are Disappearing

A pair of ecofriendly jeans by Nau.

A few years ago, tons of denim labels were pushing jeans made from organic fabrics, and there were quite a few cute ones available. Higher-end brands like 7 For All Mankind, Earnest Sewn, Aristocrat, J Brand, and Levi’s all made them; heck, even Banana Republic had a pair. Today, though, all of these companies have dropped their organic denim items, which is of course partially due to the recession (sigh), since consumers were unwilling to pay more for organically raised cotton. However, it's also because organic cotton apparently stretches out more than generic cotton, making for poor-fitting jeans. The Times interviewed Rogan Gregory, who stopped using organic denim for his ecoconscious brand Loomstate.

Maybe they can come up with some butt-flattering jeans that don't shrink in the wash, stain our laundry blue, or impact the environment. It's 2011 — anything could happen!