‘Two People in Love Have a Glow and a Presence More Powerful Than Anything Else’


Of course that sentence ran in Vogue (February 2011), as told to Hamish Bowles by Mario Testino, describing the engagement shoot he did for Prince William and Kate Middleton in Buckingham Palace. Testino says that he knew the pictures would come out well, not necessarily because he's The Testino but because Kate "has a natural grace, a very open personality, and a beautiful face and posture." Testino had also noticed previously "how beautiful she usually looks in the press and how stylish she is, with a preference for simpler clothes that show off her great figure." Apparently that Reiss dress Middleton wears in the official engagement portrait — thereby inspiring Reiss to re-release the dress — was kind of his idea.

From the looks Catherine brought, we thought a favorite simple white dress would be best for the more formal picture. Two people in love have a glow and a presence more powerful than anything else, and I wanted that to be the subject of the picture, not what they were wearing.

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