Vera Wang Blogs About Her Leggings Uniform


Vera Wang's blog launched a blog section on her website today, titled "Vera Unveiled," and her first post discussed the merits of uniforms. "As you become more certain of your own vision, and your own taste and your own style, as you evolve, as a person, not just as a woman, you do end up in a uniform," she writes. "Mine is a legging — it used to be a jean when I was younger — but a legging and a t-shirt. A different t-shirt, a boy’s tank, but nonetheless, there’s a uniform. And then what I do on top becomes the fashion part, whether I wear knee-highs or hosiery. Or it could be a crazy belt. I also have an incredible collection of jackets and outerwear and tunics. These are the things that bring the fashion part to my uniform. But there is a uniform nonetheless." [Vera Unveiled] Update: This post has been corrected from its earlier version. Vera Wang's Twitter feed is new, not her blog.