Video: The Inside of Kimora Lee Simmons’s Brain Closet


If the inside of Kimora Lee Simmons's brain is like a timepiece, tick tick ticking down until a thought manifests into something fabulous in the real her world, the shiny gold Louis Vuitton bag wouldn't go from the store window to her shoulder until the last diamond slipped through the hourglass, which, let's say, sits somewhere around the pituitary gland. Or, in the middle of Kimora's closet in her L.A home, where she has an hourglass with 5,000 real diamonds in it. "We are inside my brain. Really we are," she tells Bluefly in their latest installment of "Closet Confessions," in which famous people show off their closets. "This is how I think. I like to consider this more of a satellite closet so it’s like a smaller version of the mother ship." The mother ship would be in her New Jersey home. Watch the video to see Kimora talk about the appropriate time to give children Louis Vuitton bags and show off her four-inch heels, which she thinks all women should wear all the time. Hahaha, yes. And the hourglass in our brains that ticks down the hours till our day ends is filled with 5,000 little black diamonds. Which would make our cubicles the inside of our brains, which would mean the mailman vomits fashion magazines into our skulls. Can we trade with someone?

Kimora Lee Simmons Closet Confessions []

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