Video: Watch Anna Wintour Arrive at the State Dinner


The C-SPAN footage of Anna Wintour arriving at last night's State Dinner honoring Chinese president Hu Jintao is not the most exciting thing in the entire world, but it may have been the most exciting thing ever to air on C-SPAN. You'll see: A man's voice announces her name and then her boyfriend Shelby Bryan's name, then she walks in with him, AND — no, wait, wait! — cameras flash. Then you know what? You'll never guess, we swear — she tells a reporter that she's wearing (su. spense.) Chanel. Chanel! And if the excitement in the air at that very moment wasn't enough to just burst the glass of the windows behind her, then she takes another question from a reporter who had the balls — big ones, surely — to cry out, "Who are you most interested in talking to tonight?" Then Anna says, "The Chinese Premier." Then She of Huge Balls Continues, "What will you ask him?" And Anna replies, "Will he invest some money in Chinese fashion?" Aaah!

WATCH: Anna Offers Investment Advice To Chinese President [Styleite]