W and Its Fashion Closet to Guest Star on Gossip Girl


Every fashion magazine wants to be on television these days. Elle did Project Runway, The City, and Stylista. Marie Claire did that show on that channel that not very many people watched, and then they got to align with Project Runway. Teen Vogue did The Hills and is working on something new and top secret. Harper's Bazaar finally got into television with The Fashion Show. Vogue remains too good for a television series, which is a pity. But W, a likewise intriguing magazine, is not, and will figure into some Gossip Girl episodes.

Gossip Girl actually filmed in the W offices, so we'll get to see the fashion closet and cubicles and everything. So this pretty much settles why W is the premier media place to work in terms of fun units these days: go to work, film Gossip Girl, play with shoes, work, gossip about girls, work, work, maybe drinks, home.