Andrej Pejic Books New York Fashion Week; Manolo Blahnik on the Possibility of Anna Wintour Not Wearing His Shoes

Andrej (second from left) modeling in Aly Hilfiger's Nahm presentation.

• Famously androgynous model Andrej Pejic booked both men's and women's shows in New York. Word is he's earning women’s modeling rates, which tend to be much better than men's. [Frockwriter]

Erin O’Connor: “I'm a fashion model and I don't fit into the sample sizes. I haven't for some time. At one show I couldn't get into the trousers. The designer said, 'What happened to you?' I replied, 'Why don't you make your trousers bigger?'” [The Guardian]

• Manolo Blahnik on the possibility of Anna Wintour wearing shoes by another designer: “I am incredibly thankful for Anna’s loyalty and if she chooses to move in another direction, I would also respect that. Betrayed is too strong a word but I’d definitely be hurt.” [Daily Front Row]