Barneys and Prada Have Fallen Out


The Wall Street Journal has an interview today with new-ish Barneys chief executive Mark Lee in which the former Gucci boss confirms that the store has dropped all new Prada merchandise except for menswear and shoes — meaning there'll be no Marc Jacobs stole at Barneys for you this spring.

The split, Lee says, came about because the Italian megabrand wanted Barneys to agree to a concession model, under which Prada would lease its floor space and give Barneys a percentage of sales. Lee, who says he wants to move Barneys toward "exclusives," said the decision had been made before he got there last August but he supports it. It's a fairly dramatic move, especially considering it was Barneys that broke Prada in the U.S. many years ago, introducing us all to geeky art-house fashion and very expensive nylon handbags.

Barneys, Prada in Tussle [WSJ}