Brad Goreski to Award Free Car Rides in Mercedes Benzes to Stylish Fashion Week People


You will see Rachel Zoe's former assistant Brad Goreski at Fashion Week, which begins next week (go ahead and stand it). In fact, if he finds that you embody "fresh, creative design looks and alluring appeal," he might just shove you in a brand new Mercedes for a ride to your next destination. Mercedes has brought on Brad and a team of "Fashion Enforcers" to spot people with style worthy of a free car ride. Some of them will also get to attend a "culmination event" in the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge in the tents (which will be decorated in DVF homewares this year, by the way). Honestly, a free car ride is maybe the best reason to look awesome during Fashion Week. Because remember, a street-style blogger might make your shoes look awesome, but they won't make your feet hurt any less. Hopefully all the car rides don't go to people who already have car service.