Carine Roitfeld: ‘I Was the Queen of Porno Chic. And I Will Do Something Totally Different Now.’


Carine Roitfeld graced's Dirk Standen with a long interview as part of the site's Future of Fashion series. Perhaps Carine is devoting so much time to an Internet story because she knows this is where fashion is going. "I think if I’m not going on the Internet, I’m going to totally disappear, because the future is the Internet," she said. (*Blushes.*) The ex–French Vogue editor also discussed her last issue for the magazine, her fall-out with Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière, whether or not she was fired, and more.

On her last French Vogue issue:
My last issue is the March issue, and it’s dedicated to young designers, no advertisers, just young designers, because I think they really need the support … When you meet these kids, you learn a lot from them, and I think it gives them a lot of positive energy … I definitely want to work on a project with young designers, not just French but international … I grew up and I think I have better ideas than I had ten years ago.

On working with Olivier Zahm and Alex Wiederin on her new Rizzoli book:
It’s not easy to have two big personalities like Olivier Zahm and Alex Wiederin working together, with me in the middle. But I know “star wars.” I spent a lot of time between Tom Ford and Mario Testino, so I learned how to deal with it.

On her relationship with Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière, who not long ago banned the French Vogue team from his show:
There were these problems with Balenciaga last season, but I know him since the beginning. I was one of the biggest supporters of Nicolas, and I just saw him for a cup of tea and now everything is fine again between Nicolas and me.