Catherine Malandrino Loves Fur, Old Buildings, Cigarettes


Catherine Malandrino's fall 2011 collection — 40 outfits of tweed, jewel tones, floppy hats, and a ton of fur — was presented in a slightly run-down room in the former New York Times building. Why? “Because we know this building is soon to disappear and become a hotel," the French designer explained in her still-thick-as-Brie accent. "Having the presentation here is a one-of-a-kind moment to enjoy.” As for the fur-heaviness of the pieces, she said: “Fur is my default, my indulgence. All human beings and myself have a lot of defaults. Many indulgences. I love wine; I love fur; I love jewelry; I love diamonds; I love food; and I love to smoke. Unfortunately, this is the way we live.”

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