Day 1 of ManRepeller: Pajamas Not the Underwear Men Want to See As Outerwear

Pajama pants are not so sexy.

For the next seven days, Leandra Modine of the ManRepeller will be filing daily with her take on the fall 2011 fashions that, while they might make women's hearts beat faster, will in all likelihood leave the average guy confused and even a little turned off. Here's her first.

New York's first day of Fashion Week promised a good amount of man-repellant fashions for next fall: Maxi skirts, boyfriend-fit trousers, and piles of shape-hiding layers that do not even hint at any skin beneath dominated the collections. And while men should have been excited by the prospect of “innerwear as outerwear,” a trend currently making waves through the industry, shapeless palazzo-esque pants and long silk separates don't seem to set the mood quite as well as traditional lacy bits of things would. Women, on the other hand, will celebrate the opportunity to step out in their favorite bits of sleepwear. Pajamas will prevail.