The Fug Girls: Fashion Week’s Good, Bad, and Punishingly Claustrophobic Moments


As we waited for Matt Damon to make his nonappearance at L.A.M.B. on Thursday night, we ended up chatting to several familiar faces — reporters, photographers — likewise biding their time in the press melee. After a week of bumping up against these folks, you start to feel like you're war buddies. Even the redheaded security lady, tasked all week with trying to shoo people into their seats, felt like an old friend. "Last one!" we chirped at her. She patted our heads. "It is the last one," she sighed. "Thanks for being so good!" Aw. We feel the same about Fashion Week itself. Herewith, please enjoy our assorted final thoughts, extra tidbits, and even a kind word or two. Yes, it does happen.