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Fug Girls: Alice + Olivia Show Interrupts Weddings at the Plaza

Designer Stacey Bendet

Here's the thing about having an event — say, an Alice + Olivia presentation — at the Plaza on Valentine's Day: A lot of people apparently really want to get married at the Plaza on Valentine's Day, and your guests, therefore, will end up walking through several wedding parties en route to your shindig. In this case, that included one where the bride looked super-irritated by the stream of intrusions. It was kind of like being a walk-on extra in Bride Wars, minus Kate Hudson's heinous bangs.

Maybe that particular bride was just peevish because she wanted to have her reception in the space Alice + Olivia had taken over — and we do mean taken over. The presentation spanned four rooms — two for the models and D.J. (one of which included a grand piano), one to house the show's red carpet and press corps, and one devoted solely to a full open bar, from which uniformed Plaza employees scurried carrying trays of mini- and maxi-sized cupcakes, chocolates, and pink-frosted cookies. We even spotted one of the waiters singing along to "New York, New York." So as far as Valentine's Day parties go, it was actually pretty fun. We spied designer Stacey Bendet dancing around the room wearing a super-tight and very spangled black sequined minidress that showcased her ready-to-pop pregnant belly.

Like many baby bumps, Stacey's doubled as a magnet. We saw several people cooing over it, and figure skater Johnny Weir actually patted it before hunkering down with fellow skater Sarah Hughes for a long chat. We assume they were talking about the current dire state of U.S. Ladies' Figure Skating and whether Sarah needs to jump back into competition to show today's whippersnappers (whipperskaters?) how it's done.

Speaking of sports, we also spied sideline reporter (and Dancing With the Stars contestant) Erin Andrews wearing a skimpy silver minidress and working the press line for nearly 30 minutes, alongside The City's Louise Roe, who is really trying to make "fetch" happen — "fetch," in this instance, being herself. There were, in fact, more than a few people at this particular event who seemed very excited to talk about themselves, including a woman who claimed to be on Skins, despite the fact that neither IMDb nor MTV's website seems to know who she is. She was closely followed in the press line by two people who can do more than just claim to be on Gossip Girl: Kelly Rutherford, sporting chunky-framed glasses and a Dalmatian-print blouse, and Brittany Snow, the young Lily van der Woodsen on the ill-fated spinoff episode of GG, who looked a bit overtired and in need of some restorative Champagne. Bringing up the rear was Vanessa Hudgens, who was wearing one long feather as an earring — a style we most associate with ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. If the events on that show are anything to go by, Vanessa better start watching out for someone who wants to cruelly toy with all she holds dear. Hope someone's keeping an eye on Zac Efron — having something nefarious happen to your on-again, off-again boyfriend on Valentine's Day of all days would be simply too cruel.

But our favorite sighting of the night — and easily the most random — was stocky bald actor Michael Chiklis, famous for yelling at people on The Shield and being indestructible on No Ordinary Family. We can't imagine what he was doing there — surely Michael Chiklis is not a secret megafan of sequined party dresses. Maybe he was downstairs at a wedding and heard about the cupcakes?

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Photo: John W. Ferguson/Getty Images

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