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The Fug Girls: Give Jennifer Love Hewitt Homemade Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

From left: Sophia Bush, Katrina Bowden, and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Valentine's Day was still a day away when we went to the Max Azria show on Sunday afternoon, but it loomed large in the minds of some of the front-row celebs. One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush — clad in a white dress that looked totally innocent, but which actually required one of her minders to be on Side-Boob Watch — confessed that because her boyfriend would be working, New York City is her Valentine this year. She's done worse; after all, this woman was once briefly married to Chad Michael Murray.

We confessed to her that we are secret One Tree Hill fans and sad that the show-that-will-not-die was scheduled to wrap filming forever in about a month. "Stranger things have happened" than getting another stay of execution from the CW, Sophia told us. We'd like to take this moment to apologize for not asking her about the episode where a dog ate a man's heart. It just didn't seem polite, so close to a heart-focused holiday.

We also spied Rose McGowan — who made it in time for this show and actually got to her assigned front-row seat, in sharp contrast to this morning at Preen where her tardiness landed her in standing room. As we passed, we heard her confessing that the one celebrity whose wardrobe she'd most like to raid was … Cate Blanchett? Somehow, that response managed to be exactly the right answer and completely unexpected at the very same time. "I'm starving. I've been running all over town," she sighed. "I need, like, a steak." Also the right answer.

Down the way, between Tika Sumpter and Katrina Bowden, Jennifer Love Hewitt forsook the potential date with her boyfriend in favor of bringing her sister-in-law Michelle, who sat back patiently as the photographers jammed into one another, jostling for pics of the front-row starlets. "It amazes me how she can sit there and be so unfazed," Michelle said of Hewitt as the flashbulbs raged. And we do mean raged: A boisterous photographer nearly knocked us all into her lap, as Hewitt glanced up at us and made a face more fazed than un-. "This is definitely more intense than the red carpet," she explained. "When it's so close, there is a little feeling of panic that sets in sometimes." Maybe she was just self-conscious about the fact that she was wearing a voluminous red cocktail-length caftan, although we give it points for being festive. It made us nostalgic for all those cracked-out cotton nighties she wore on Ghost Whisperer. "They handmade all of those," Hewitt said, admitting she missed them, too. Hey, if her boyfriend still needs a present for her, we suggest he give one of those a shot. After all, every girl loves lingerie, and they say the best Valentines are the ones you make yourself.

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Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG

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