The Fug Girls: Julia Stiles’s New Bangs Cause a Stir at Cynthia Rowley

Stiles, with bangs, and Lauren Bush.

We have incredibly strong feelings about sandwiches — namely, that they are awesome — but we very rarely find ourselves wanting to be the meat in one. That changed at Cynthia Rowley on Friday evening when we saw the divine Alan Cumming perched in the front row next to fellow Briton Glenda Bailey. All we wanted to do was wedge ourselves between them and listen to what we imagine was some very sassy repartee. Alas, we couldn't find an excuse that didn't violate the laws of decorum and/or physics, so they bravely soldiered on without our intervention. Cumming looked exactly as he often does: a suit, a patterned shirt, a wide smile, and his familiar wiry gray hair that stands slightly skyward, as if he was terribly stressed out about something just recently — although his demeanor was quite the opposite, as he and Bailey chatted very happily.

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