Fug Girls: Pat Field Cheers at Betsey Johnson ‘Pep Rally’

Betsey Johnson's triumphant finale.

It can be tough being the new kid on the Lincoln Center block. At the Betsey Johnson show in the tents Monday night, a pretty, slight brunette in a Warhol-inspired print dress came out from backstage just as the guards were trying to clear the runway, and was turned away from the front-row area: "You'll have to find a seat somewhere else, miss, we're trying to start the show." Eventually a PR person saw this and ran over to explain that this girl was, in fact, actress and front-row guest Nicola Peltz, from last summer's The Last Airbender (and whose father once owned Snapple, if Wikipedia is to be believed) #&151; at which point the guard blanched and quickly made sure the bemused Peltz had a prime berth. Nicola shouldn't feel bad about not being recognized, though, because we think something may have been in the water (or the backstage Champagne): We saw another reporter point at fashion icon Pat Field — who was sporting shredded pants, a shirt tumbling off her shoulder, blue glasses, and her standard maroon hair — and ask sincerely whether Field had been on Sex and the City. Close. So close.

Eventually, Johnson came out for her own bow and pulled Field up onstage with her for a lengthy dance. Watching them boogie kind of made us miss the days when we got to turn on our TV sets and see Pat's insane inspirations parading across the screen, but apparently she isn't itching to get back in the game. "There are many things I want to sink my teeth into, but it doesn't really have to do with wardrobing a TV show," Field said mysteriously, refusing to specify exactly what: "I'll let you know, I'll let you know, I'll let you know!" she sang. Then, when a reporter asked her to sum up Fashion Week in one word, Field threw her arms up in the air and said, "SHOW!" Technically, she's not wrong. Wacky, yes, but not wrong.