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Fug Girls: Rumer Willis Gets a Little Freaked by Paparazzi at Badgely Mischka

Kellies Pickler and Osbourne look like they're having fun. Rumer, not so much.

As the media crush swarmed one portion of the front row at Badgley Mischka on Tuesday morning (more on those guests in a minute), we spied Lo Bosworth — formerly of MTV's The Hills — standing quietly off to the side, quite the opposite of how a front-row denizen usually behaves. We wondered if maybe all the media mayhem was giving her acid flashbacks to her years as LC's only on-camera get-a-grip friend, or whether it actually made her miss glaring at Heidi Montag all the time. "I'm relieved [it's over], honestly. I don't feel like I was very good on that show," she told us, noting that she wasn't crazy about putting her personal life on camera due to the insane attention that came along with it. "I was outside a restaurant in L.A. once, and a paparazzo popped out of the bushes, and I was like, 'Oh, my God, what!?' For a super celebrity that's probably normal, but for me, I would hate my life." Somewhere, Spencer and Heidi just rolled over in the graves of their own dead notoriety.

Lo talked a bit about what she's up to now — namely, touring with a book about relationships and writing another one about breakups ("I'm Carrie Bradshawing myself," she joked). We were struck with how regular she looked — pretty but unfussy with clean makeup, no crazy hair extensions, no false eyelashes, and only a dusting of mascara. She told us she learned every beauty trick she knows from The Hills's trial by fire: "By the end of the show we got really good at doing our own makeup — we had no styling help, no hair and makeup, nothing. It wasn't in our contracts." We can imagine no greater horror — had that been us, we might have just defaulted to showing up with bags over our heads. "There were some ugly moments," Lo grinned. "Some bad outfits, bad makeup. On Laguna Beach we didn't even wear makeup at all. So there were some episodes that were pretty painful." But she said the Fashion Week front-row pressure doesn't get to her. "It's the craziest thing I ever go to, but I know what I'm getting myself into," she said.
We aren't sure Rumer Willis can say the same. Once Badgley's newest model reached her seat, the throng of reporters closed around her so tightly that the PR people had her turn away to catch her breath while they forcibly created a little halo of space. Aside from looking sweetly freaked out, Rumer — whom photographs don't do justice; we were surprised by how nice her skin is — was sporting the soft curls and red hair color that marked her brief stint on 90210 last season. It suits her better than when she does mom Demi's dark shade, plus maybe this means she's planning a return stint as the Zip Code's resident slouchy lesbian.

Kelly Osbourne popped up next to Rumer looking cheerful and calm and wearing a gigantic bejeweled headband, but the honors for perkiest front-row celeb at the show go to her name twin, Kellie Pickler. When asked if she ever thought back on how much her life has changed since she was on American Idol, Kellie nodded vigorously. "Oh, my gosh," she said, in her strong twang. "I'm just glad they let me in the door [here]." She then confessed to another reporter that she loves shoes because her feet never get fat: "I'm always a six and a half, even if I'm a mess from the ankles up." We can relate. And it seems that, between Kellie and Lo, it's possible that Badgley Mischka boasted Fashion Week's most sensible and relatable front row thus far. Who'd have guessed?

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Photo: Rob Kim/FilmMagic

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