Fug Girls: Rumer Willis Gets a Little Freaked by Paparazzi at Badgely Mischka

Kellies Pickler and Osbourne look like they're having fun. Rumer, not so much.

As the media crush swarmed one portion of the front row at Badgley Mischka on Tuesday morning (more on those guests in a minute), we spied Lo Bosworth — formerly of MTV's The Hills — standing quietly off to the side, quite the opposite of how a front-row denizen usually behaves. We wondered if maybe all the media mayhem was giving her acid flashbacks to her years as LC's only on-camera get-a-grip friend, or whether it actually made her miss glaring at Heidi Montag all the time. "I'm relieved [it's over], honestly. I don't feel like I was very good on that show," she told us, noting that she wasn't crazy about putting her personal life on camera due to the insane attention that came along with it. "I was outside a restaurant in L.A. once, and a paparazzo popped out of the bushes, and I was like, 'Oh, my God, what!?' For a super celebrity that's probably normal, but for me, I would hate my life." Somewhere, Spencer and Heidi just rolled over in the graves of their own dead notoriety.

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