Have You Noticed That Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Have Vanished From Stores?

Ah, the glory days! Well kind of.

“Everybody wants to write a negative story about Lindsay right now, but the real story is that Lindsay is a very talented designer,” Lindsay Lohan's partner for her 6126 leggings line Kristi Kaylor told WWD. “The real story is that the brand is doing well. Sales have only increased.” But WWD argues that that's not true at all. In a good bit of investigatory fashion journalism, the paper called the stores Kaylor said had received shipments of 6126 merchandise in the past two weeks.

Of the four stores based in the U.S., two stopped carrying the brand at least two years ago, one store had closed and the other location’s address was not listed.

Lindsay Lohan: In Court, Not in Stores [WWD]