Iman Knew David Bowie Was the One After Just Two Weeks


Last night, Allure celebrated its twentieth anniversary by barring everyone hoping for a romantic Valentine’s dinner at Minetta Tavern and hosting a private party there instead. Newly single famous people like January Jones and Jennifer Carpenter were gorgeous and friendly and seemed perfectly happy never to leave each other’s sides, while couples in attendance like David and Victoria Beckham (the night’s honoree and this month’s Allure cover girl), Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, and Allure's Siobhan Bonnouvrier and her boyfriend Kiefer Sutherland looked equally dazzling. As Iman told us, even if her husband, David Bowie, had been in town, they wouldn’t have been able to eat at a place like Minetta unless it had been cleared of prying eyes. “We never do Valentine’s dinner, because everybody, they look,” she said. “On Valentine’s, imagine me and David going to a restaurant! Like everybody’s going to say, ‘Did they talk? Did they hold hands?’ Twenty years. We’ve been married twenty years!”

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