Iman Reveals Her No. 1 Beauty Secret

We should all look this amazing at 55.

The most frequent comment made by anyone who has gazed upon Iman in person is that the woman does not age. That glowing skin with nary a wrinkle could be straight out of Michael Jackson’s "Remember the Time" video from 1992 (the year she married David Bowie). But as Iman pointed out at Allure’s twentieth-anniversary dinner earlier this week, that’s only partially true. “The face stays good,” she said. “I’m my father’s daughter. My father is 80 and he looks 40. So I’ve inherited that. The body is a different thing.”

It wasn’t just that the dress looked young, but that it exposed her thighs. And she has no easy advice for keeping the body looking young. “Oh, there’s no way,” she said, dismay in her voice. “Gravity, there is no winning.” Of course, it’s worse aging as a public figure. “I’m so petrified about all the paparazzi. They did Victoria [Beckham]’s cellulite. I mean, come on! I mean, it’s terrifying. Really, you’re, like, scared to death.” So she has settled upon a solution that, while not necessarily available to women who aren’t beauty moguls married to David Bowie, is kind of heartening to hear. “I will go only to my house in the islands [Jamaica]. WITH SECURITY,” she said. “Nobody can come. Your own house. That is the only time I put on a bikini or any bathing suit. It is the only way.”