Kanye West Dispenses Consolation Hugs


This afternoon at the Rodarte show, where exiting took about as much time as the show itself did, The Cut found itself pressed up against the leather jacketed arm of one of the few people anywhere who are buzzier than fellow front-row guest Tavi at Fashion Week: Kanye West. Might he answer a few questions as we funneled out of the facility like molasses on an ice skating rink? "I'm not doing questions," he told us. Then we must have pouted as we thought about how he's been so forthcoming at past Fashion Week shows, because he said, "Aw, you look so sad!" and put his arm around us and gave us a hug. As in, we could feel his stubble rubbing against our cheek (we can still feel it, hours later). We told him that kind and lovely moment was just as gratifying as having him talk to us about himself. So the lesson here is, if you see Kanye and want a hug, pout your face off. Or you could just ask him for a picture. He happily posed with a bunch of nonfamous people who asked him at Rodarte.

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