Kate Middleton Returns to the Birthplace of Her Love Wearing the Color of Love


Kate Middleton and Prince William visited St. Andrews University, where they met and fell in love as undergrads, in honor of the school's 600th anniversary. This being the birthplace of their love, it was only appropriate for Kate Middleton to wear a red skirt suit. Her spokeswoman did not say who designed it, though, only revealing it was from Kate's own closet — which doesn't even tell us if it's new or old or what. A bunch of fans gathered to see the couple arrive and receive their wedding gift from the university (a scholarship in their name); Kate shook their hands and even petted someone's dog. Isn't it great when she goes outside wearing clothes, especially when pets are around? Second time in two days!

The Lady in Red: Kate Middleton is all smiles as she returns to the place where fairytale romance with Prince William began [Daily Mail UK]