Kate Moss Is Designing Her Own Wedding Dress, According to Vivienne Westwood


London Fashion Week is abuzz with all the attention that Kate Moss's and Kate Middleton's impending weddings have drawn to British designers, but speculation about one of the bridal gowns was nipped in the bud when Vivienne Westwood was asked about designing Moss's dress for the July 2 nuptials. "No, I think she’s designing it herself," said Westwood, who's been "a mate" of Moss's for fifteen years and thinks this is a great idea. "She has done her own fashion range and she knows about clothes. She knows what she is doing, she doesn’t need my help." Westwood probably won't be giving Middleton any help either: "I would have loved to have designed Kate Middleton's but I have to wait until she kind of catches up a bit somewhere with style," she told the Metro.

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