Kirsten Dunst to Shill Bulgari Perfume; Numéro Puts Blue Raccoon Eyes on Its New Cover

Ahoy, Prada.


Eniko Mihalik's eyes are ringed with electric blue raccoon liner for the latest Numéro cover. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

• Christina Hendricks wore metallic gold and silver eye shadow last night. She used the silver shade as a liner and added some gold dots at the inner and outer corners of her eyes. [Girls in the Beauty Dept./]


• Kirsten Dunst was just named the face of Bulgari's newest scent, Mon Jasmin Noir. [Girls in the Beauty Dept./]

• Willow Smith making hair-whipping dangerous by tying some dangly Chanel charms in her ponytail. [Girls in the Beauty Dept./]