Lynn Yaeger: Derek Lam’s Winning Dresses Give the Power to the People

Narciso Rodriguez, Rodarte, 3.1 Philip Lim.

The roving reporters who wander around the Lincoln Center venue, shoving microphones in your face and asking questions like, “Which designers should sleep with each other?” and “Who’s the last person you saw topless?” have also taken to soliciting opinions on the tendency to mount smaller, more intimate shows, a new notion of old-fashioned exclusivity promulgated by Tom Ford last season.

Though lots of people in the fashion industry seem to think this is a fine idea (especially the ones who make it on to the limited guest lists), I have never been a fan of this sort of thing. If Twitter and Facebook can foster a revolution in the Middle East, shouldn’t those same phenomena be universally embraced by people who sell clothes for a living?

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