More Evidence That Michelle Obama Has Ditched Stylist Ikram Goldman


Oscar de la Renta won't stop carping about Michelle Obama wearing outfits by foreign designers, but Rachel Roy has no complaints. The first lady has worn her dresses "nine times, total," she told us at Wednesday’s screening of Vidal Sassoon The Movie (sponsored by Remy Martin and Cointreau) — “knock on wood.” Mrs. O bought off the rack too: “[For] her to choose something that is actually at retail at that time — which means other people can buy the exact same dress, and would want to — which would only help my business, is such a kind and generous thought of someone to do.” Roy doesn’t know where Mrs. Obama actually bought the dresses but notes that she is supported at stores like Neimans and Saks. And as for that rumor that Ikram Goldman is no longer the first lady’s unofficial stylist, Roy shrugged, but said, “I’m not carried in Ikram. That’s a little hint.”