Prada Eschews Fruit, Pants, Embraces Schoolgirls, Aviator Hats


The spring 2011 Prada show was so amazing to critics, it caused at least one to compare Miuccia Prada to Charles Darwin. Living up to that metaphor, she did evolve for spring — but she's not earning comparisons to David Attenborough, which would hardly be appropriate with all those big shiny snakeskin coats anyway. After the spring banana- and Baroque-monkey prints, Miuccia gave us schoolgirl dresses, aviator hats, and boots made to look like mary janes with snakeskin socks (remember what happen when she put her girls in socks?). She proved the worth of those shoes by having her models walk in them down a scary-looking staircase, which caused no one to fall.

See a complete runway slideshow of the fall 2011 Prada collection.