Rachel Zoe Said to Be Charging ‘Astronomical’ Fees to Style Anne Hathaway for the Oscars

Hmmm. How much do you think she charged for this?

Anne Hathaway is hosting the Oscars this year while her stylist, Rachel Zoe, is pregnant, which means the world may have not ever seen a styling job this big. If the stress we've seen on The Rachel Zoe project involved in putting that woman in one outfit is vertigo-inducing, the stress involved in however many she's going to wear for the Oscars feels especially concerning. This combined with Zoe's pledge to be at Anne's side throughout the whole thing may justify her fee, which someone inside the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences says is "astronomical." But of course it is. Zoe is, frankly, the world's most recognizable red-carpet stylist, and her day rates must reflect that and cover her expenses, like assistant salaries, studio space, and shipping costs, while funding her ever-expanding vintage Chanel collection.

Rachel Zoe’s Oscar Fee For Anne Hathaway Is “Astronomical” [Fashionista]