Sally Singer on Michelle Obama’s McQueen Dress: ‘It Should Be Worn by a Diminutive Younger Woman’


T's Sally Singer went on MSNBC's Morning Joe today to discuss — sigh — Michelle Obama's red Alexander McQueen dress. Predictably, she touched on how Michelle Obama's choice of a British designer put American fashion folks in a snit, but then she took the discussion in a whole new direction: She thought the dress looked bad. "I actually think the problem with the dress is that it didn't fit her well. I don't think that it was the right dress for her. It was then worn again by Mila Kunis, and it should be worn by a diminutive younger woman," she said. There are a number of debatable things in that statement, not least of which is that the McQueen dress that Mila Kunis wore at the SAG Awards this past Sunday was decidedly not the same garment.

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