Sex With Ed Westwick Is Awkward and Weird

Tika Sumpter, Eve, Rebecca Minkoff and Michelle Trachtenberg backstage.

Our inner Gossip Girl couldn’t help noticing yesterday at Rebecca Minkoff’s show that Chuck Bass’s new lady love, actress Tika Sumpter, had been seated right next to Ed Westwick’s actual ex, Jessica Szohr. Awkward! In reality, the girls looked like they’d never met; Szohr’s character Vanessa has been at her parents’ house in Vermont for the whole of Sumpter’s run on the show. And as Sumpter told us, her relationship with Westwick is strictly professional. “Like any sex scene, it’s very awkward and weird,” she said of her time spent making out with Westwick. “We make the scene happen the way it’s supposed to happen and then it’s over. But he’s a great guy. He always wants to run lines.” Sigh. Well, a gossip can dream.

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