Talbots’s Image Makeover Continues With Julianne Moore’s New Ads


When the recession hit, it became clear that among the clothing companies who would need to work the hardest to overcome it were those selling reasonably priced clothes targeted to office-going middle-aged women. Ann Taylor went on a mission to make itself over, and hired Katie Holmes as its face. Talbots, whose numbers trailed behind the competition, may be on a likewise successful Eat, Pray, Love journey of its own, culminating not with love in Bali, but love with Julianne Moore in the garden. Casting Moore was a good move, because she does "cool" things all the time, like walk in Tom Ford's shows, act in Tom Ford's movies, appear in Karl Lagerfeld's Pirelli calendar, and probably other stuff with each that makes everyone cooler all around. If anyone's right to give Talbots the slightly sexy edge it needs, it's probably her. She also upsells the brand in an Internet video, the thumping techno soundtrack to which will take you right back to 1992.

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Julianne Moore’s “Sensual” Ads for Talbots [StyleWatch/People]