The Fug Girls: Chinese Dragons, Boob Tape, and a Hairy Beret at the Blonds


We missed last season's show by The Blonds, but we heard that the larger-than-life costumes proved to be everyone's favorite experience of Fashion Week. So it seemed only fitting that on our way into this year's event on Wednesday at Milk Studios that the first thing we saw in the elevator queue was the naked derriere of the equally larger-than-life Amanda Lepore. Her naked booty was followed by her naked everything else — yes, everything else from the waist down — ­because she was wearing her very sheerest red lingerie. In fact, Lepore's toes were nearly the only appendage we didn't get intimately familiar with during that fifteen-second wait, thanks to her glittery closed-toe pumps. Because going full peep-toe with your mesh genital drape would've really pushed that envelope straight into the paper shredder.

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