The Fug Girls: Cracking the Code of Paz de la Huerta’s Lipstick at Diesel

A magnificence of hair.

For a split second at Diesel Black Gold's show on Tuesday, we thought we were witnessing on-again, off-again love in action: Starlet Vanessa Hudgens was sauntering backstage alongside a guy who looked disarmingly like her maybe-ex Zac Efron. It turned out to be Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford, but since we've long thought of him as a chip off the old Zac — due to their shared artful coifs and penchant for squinting into middle distance in photographs — maybe we'll just start a rumor that Vanessa is filling the void with Efron 2.0. We did spy her telling Chace an animated story before the show started, but thanks to the unusually and inappropriately handsy PR people who were forcefully shoving reporters around, we couldn't get close enough to hear whether or not Chace and Vanessa were trading digits or just swapping tips on hair products.

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