The Fug Girls Get Beauty Tips From Johnny Weir


Chris Benz must have been born under a particularly dehydrated star, because he's had some bad luck with models: The first time we attended one of his presentations, a model wilted under the lights, and last February one thirsty girl stormed off in a tizzy twice. So it actually almost made sense Monday night when, right as Benz's show came to an end and the models were filing off the dais, a girl swooned and then dropped like a stone to the ground, taking another model down with her. She was out cold for at least fifteen seconds as organizers rushed to help her, and the crowd — including guest Johnny Weir — looked on in shock. The model came to, seemingly none the worse for wear, but maybe she should seek out Weir for help with any lingering ego bruises. If anyone knows about having to get up after a big fall, it's a figure skater.

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