The Fug Girls: At Hervé Léger, Alexa Ray Joel Did Not Lose Her Fashion Week Zen

Do not even try to shove her. She will high-heel you.

Usually the front row at Hervé Léger is fully stocked with starlets, so we were surprised to arrive at the show on Tuesday afternoon to find that the reserved seats were mostly for models: the blond-banged Karolina Kurkova, the bun-sporting Elsa Pataky, and chartreuse-clad Heather Marks, thus combining to form perhaps the tallest front row of the season, as well as the one most devoid of actors who are in the employ of the CW — or anyone. But the most interesting guest to us was not a model but rather the daughter of one: Alexa Ray Joel, who wandered in through the front door just like the rest of us, and — also like the rest of us — seemed sort of bemused by the experience of being squeezed through the press mob like toothpaste through a tube.

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