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The Fug Girls: Vanessa Hudgens Gets the Brush-Off at Anna Sui

From left: Sofia Coppola, Vanessa Hudgens, and Fergie at the Anna Sui Fall 2011 show

"We've got Winona Ryder," we overheard while waiting in the scrum of photographers and reporters at Anna Sui on Wednesday night. This was so exciting to us that endless questions for her instantly popped into our heads: How does she feel about being immortalized on Johnny Depp's arm as 'Wino Forever'? Does she ever think about her Heathers wardrobe and want to put on a scrunchie? What's the deal with Lindsay Lohan getting a million chances while Winona herself got kind of railroaded out of town after one teeny shoplifting incident? But here's the (sad) thing: No one actually did have Winona Ryder. We're just deaf. The PR person actually had some random blond girl, whom we heard introducing herself to reporters as "the next Carrie Bradshaw." Honey, if you have to tell people that ...

There were, however, actual celebrities at the show. We overheard Vanessa Hudgens gushing to a reporter about "these stunning pants" (we think she had to be talking about pants other than the ones she was actually wearing, because they were insane bell-bottom hippie pants which were really only stunning in the literal sense). We also spied Sofia Coppola, who looked pretty in a white button-down shirt and black trousers, and, who did not, as far as we could tell, speak to any reporters whatsoever (although she did pose for pictures with a variety of civilians). She also did not — again, as far as we could tell — acknowledge Vanessa Hudgens at all when Hudgens was seated next to her. We are going to assume that they chatted one another's ears off once we moved out of eyeshot (we assume this simply because otherwise we're going to start feeling sad for Vanessa).

Fergie was considerably friendlier — to Vanessa, at least — and she swept into the venue at the last minute possible, and didn’t really do much press either. Ladies, we love looking at you, but if you're not going to be feeding us lines about how each designer fits your soul (or whatever), what's the point? On the other hand, you could argue that Fergie's fluffy fur coat and leather pants spoke for themselves — and what they said was, "Hey, I'm not a vegan."

Speaking of loud clothing — we also spotted Lisa and Jessica Origliasso of the Veronicas, seated not in Celebrity Row, but rather way at the end of the opposite side of the runway. They were impossible to miss because one of them — can anyone ever tell which one — was sporting an actual top hat, paired with a megaskimpy tank-top. Thank God we weren't sitting behind her. That'd be harsher than being ignored by Sofia Coppola.

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Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images For IMG

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