The New Mugler Line and Lady Gaga’s New ‘Anatomy’ Seem Related


Instead of growing a long horn out of the middle of her forehead in keeping with one of the earliest unicorn teaser images for "Born This Way," Lady Gaga "grew" horn-ish things out of her other allegedly human body parts — the shoulders, the cheekbones. Where the hell did that pointy nonsense come from? you may be thinking. Was she worried her costume department didn't have enough to do with just her clothing, and felt like she had to make them affix alien appendages to her body each day to keep them on their toes? Well, the images you see above are from the series of teasers leading up to her stylist Nicola Formichetti's debut women's collection for Mugler, walking March 2 in Paris. You can see that like the bizarrely appendaged Gaga of late, this figure has similarly inhuman cheeks.

And this week Gaga went on the Gayle King Show with her hair in a big, smooth oblong shape. She also wore a look from the Mugler archives. So her crazy is all coming together — not that it makes any more sense, that rare thing.