Tom Ford Is Not Remaking Roller Boogie


Update: The report on Auntie Fashion is a prank (Refinery29 has removed their post in light of this). But it's still funny, so enjoy it. And don't you want to watch Roller Boogie now anyway?

"It hurts me to know that some people found my first film to be too artistic, and perhaps a little contrived," Tom Ford says of his directorial debut, A Single Man. "For that reason, I feel the need to create something grittier and less maudlin, yet enlightening." So, he told the blog Auntie Fashion, he's going in what ought to be a less sad, less serious direction with a remake of the 1979 movie Roller Boogie, which looks in the trailer just as it sounds: super tight, super colorful, super retro, somewhat synchronized, pretty awkward, predictably cheesy, very big-haired, and terrifically awesome. Beyond its many tremendous qualities, Roller Boogie holds a singular personal significance to Ford:

Like the classic film that inspired him to compete in the 1988 Seoul Olympics where square dancing debuted as an official demonstration sport, Ford finds inspiration in “Roller Boogie’s” anti-establishment message. “You know those kids not only succeeded in taking roller disco to the Olympics, but they also saved the roller rink from the evil land developers.” With a tear in his eye, Ford adds ”It’s like me against Gucci all over again.”

So they did wear fringed glitter leotards to work!!! Watch the original Roller Boogie trailer ahead. Tom Ford is truly a genius.

Tom Ford Reveals Details About New Film [Auntie Fashion via Refinery29]