Video: See Kate Middleton’s White Reiss Dress Worn by a Real Live Morning Talk-Show Host!


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This week, the white Reiss dress Kate Middleton wore in her engagement photos goes on sale in stores and online. And the Today show is — as it has been with all things royal wedding, which they have branded with a special crown graphic and a particular serious enthusiasm — all over it with another in-depth, hard-hitting report on the nuptials. Today, Meredith Vieira discussed the dress with Harper's Bazaar's executive fashion and beauty editor, Avril Graham. Meanwhile, fellow host Natalie Morales actually wears the garment, with the very same earrings Middleton wears in the photo, and prances about next to a cardboard cutout of Prince William. For those of you planning to buy the dress, the video offers a key look at how it moves and behaves on a living, breathing person (well, fine, morning talk-show host), which might help you decide how hard you want to shop to get your copy. (To heighten its desirability, Reiss should consider selling special limited-edition packages of it containing cardboard William cutouts.)

Also very, very, very important here: Harper's Bazaar's Graham predicts that Kate will not wear a dress by any of the big names that have been in the press so far. So if her family's been spotted at a certain designer's store and that person's PR team is being publicly coy about things, Graham doesn't expect that designer to be The One. She thinks Kate will wear something by someone who is lying completely low and hasn't said a thing about the dress so far. For all anyone knows, she has a private army of royal silkworms weaving it in the palace basement right now.