Woe Is She Who Does Not Wear Her Bananas This Spring


If your bananas come with the Chiquita label, you are doing bananas all wrong. The best ones now bear the label "Prada," and if you needed a reminder that the collection from whence the fruit originated is the greatest thing since Darwin's theories on evolution, here is the complete spring campaign. Shot by Steven Meisel and starring models Arizona Muse, Mariacarla Boscono, Kinga Rajzak, Zuzanna Bijoch, and Tati Cotliar, the ads also may show you that you're doing things other than bananas all wrong — such as fur, which should be bright and striped. And as for your jeans — did you know they're laughing at you? For denim is not for skinnies (coughpassécough), but neat handbags, and an even neater loose-fitting, boatneck shirt. Also, why don't your sneakers have thick foam platform soles? Don't just conform — this spring, flatform! See the entire spring 2011 campaign in the slideshow.