ABC News Confirms We ‘Aren’t Idiots’ for Obsessing Over the Royal Wedding


For all two or three of you out there who don't care about the royal wedding — and you're probably only reading this blog out of obligation because your girlfriends write it — ABC News compiled a report about the indifference to and even disgust over the whole thing. Reporter Nick Watt relishes the results of a January poll that showed 65 percent of Americans didn't care about the royal wedding, and 28 percent of Brits were "largely indifferent." While noting editors "aren't idiots" for covering the wedding with such zeal, since lots of people do want to know about every little detail surrounding it, he wonders, "Have we all gone too far in covering the wedding of the century?" Watt was one of a flock of reporters who had to get to the royal stables at 8 a.m. the other day to find out which pretty, pretty princess horsies (!!!!) will pull the wedding carriage. So obviously he's over it — because outside of the equestrian community no one really cares about which horses have been cast for the role.

Wedding Royale: Royal Wedding Overkill [ABC News]