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ANTM Recap: ALT Has Seen the Return of Dreckitude, Is Not Happy About It

America's Next Top Model
Sonia Dara Season 16 • Episode 6

Let’s start with a moment of silence, because really, this week’s Top Model was a double elimination. On top of the regular model cut at panel, we also lost a vibrant character early on: Molly’s weave, clownish even by ANTM standards. It’ll be sorely missed.

At the episode’s outset, Tyra surprised the girls back at their apartment (though is it really still a surprise when this impromptu visit happens every cycle?) and took the opportunity — as usual — to talk about herself. She signs her autograph with a heart, but no last name, and doesn’t allow photos to be taken of her eating. (She does, however, conduct interviews mid-meal.) She’s also been very hurt by mean comments on the Internet. Awkward.

This last little anecdote loosely segued into the week’s challenge, which forced the girls to interact with Top Model superfans. Disappointingly, none were as crazy as this designation would suggest. Sweet-as-pie Kasia won the challenge simply by being sweet as pie, and picked Jaclyn and Brittani to join her for her prize: a buffet-style dinner with Miss Jay, where they'd have to be filmed ... eating. The remaining girls were left to clean up after the meal, causing now-ever-dramatic Monique to break down spectacularly, despite her inability to even pretend to care about her so-called admirers at the meet-and-greet. Not that she cares about losing, because she hates buffets.

It was then a blonde vs. brunette battle at the photo shoot, where the girls posed in two groups while covered from the neck down in mud. The judges mostly liked the photos: Nigel said he’d book happy-clappy Jaclyn now that she’s learned to take pictures that don’t let the camera see up her nose, and André Leon Talley thought the blondes’ shot was billboard-worthy. Talley was, however, appalled by Alexandria’s outfit and, yes, he brought the term "dreckitude" back. She should have worn the cropped blue snuggie-esque hoodie she's been sporting around the models' apartment to panel.

Brittani got best picture of the week, while two of her fellow brunettes were deemed the weakest: Monique and Mikaela, whose bone structure ultimately saved her. Then Monique cried, Britanni cried, and maybe you cried, too — because the moment when Tyra spanked Monique as she left was so beautiful. She says she likes Monique's booty because it reminds her of her own. There’s no I in Top Model, but there’s always a phonetic I in Tyra. Enjoy highlights from last night's episode in the video.

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