ANTM Recap: ALT Has Seen the Return of Dreckitude, Is Not Happy About It

America's Next Top Model
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Sonia Dara

Let’s start with a moment of silence, because really, this week’s Top Model was a double elimination. On top of the regular model cut at panel, we also lost a vibrant character early on: Molly’s weave, clownish even by ANTM standards. It’ll be sorely missed.

Brittani got best picture of the week, while two of her fellow brunettes were deemed the weakest: Monique and Mikaela, whose bone structure ultimately saved her. Then Monique cried, Britanni cried, and maybe you cried, too — because the moment when Tyra spanked Monique as she left was so beautiful. She says she likes Monique's booty because it reminds her of her own. There’s no I in Top Model, but there’s always a phonetic I in Tyra. Enjoy highlights from last night's episode in the video.