Anna Dello Russo Suggests Lighting a Candle and Dancing Around Naked Before Getting Dressed


You may have known for a while now that Anna Dello Russo, on whom every media outlet must do a feature at this point, keeps a separate apartment in Milan for her clothes, that she has thousands of pairs of shoes, and that she is gobsmackingly fabulous. But CNN just discovered this, so they did a segment with her in her hotel room (why, that sounds familiar!) at the Ritz during Paris Fashion Week. It's worth a watch, because if anyone is fun to watch, it's ADR. She says that she doesn't wear a black coat to the shows because she finds it depressing, and no one would look at her if she just wore black. So why do people look at her? "Because I'm totally crazy," she says. If she had to wear one outfit for the rest of her life, it would be by Dolce & Gabbana. And when asked for advice on how to get dressed, she suggests dancing around naked with some music on by candlelight. Makes sense!

Anna Dello Russo, Fashion Addict [CNN]
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