ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Talks of Bees, Beauty, and Shanghai


Last week on Top Model, the judges enjoyed watching the contestants walk a runway in hamster bubbles for their first runway challenge. The challenge on last night's episode wasn't much better, since three girls had to do a beauty shoot with BEES. The girls wore necklaces that had been rubbed with pheromones to attract the insects and, lest the awkwardness stop there, shoved cotton up their noses and inside their ears so the bees wouldn't infiltrate their orifices. Thank God this wasn't a nude shoot. But all the girls handled the bugs pretty well — no meltdowns à la that tarantula photo shoot several seasons back.

At panel, reality television’s best judge ever André Leon Talley again wore his plumed hat, and delivered equally exciting commentary. “You look like some fabulous woman from the Shanghai fabulous life of the Shanghai of the other day when we were in Shanghai!” he told one girl of her “bee-utiful” photo. Guest judge Alek Wek mentioned that one girl’s photo reminded her of John Galliano’s eccentric aesthetic. A sad moment came when Ondrei asked to be sent home, unable to deal with the recent tragic death of her brother prior to joining the cast. Watch the video for highlights from ALT's commentary, and to prepare mentally for next week — the makeover episode.