Christian Louboutin Hates Bridge Games, the Word Comfy, Clogs


Christian Louboutin took a break from a stroll on his property with New Yorker writer Lauren Collins to pee under a "rare palm tree." He has a habit of doing just what he feels like doing — he missed school 64 times one semester as a youth, but his mom just wrote him whatever excuse he told her to write. He likes taxidermied things and keeps a boar in his house in Champgillon and a cougar in his Paris apartment, which he calls "Sweet Demi." One thing he doesn't like — and this is surely an astute business move — is changing the color of his red soles, even at the request of charitable organizations, though he will customize his shoes for private clients:

The one thing Louboutin does not tweak is the color of the sole, even though charities are always hounding him to do a pink one for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or a green one for Earth Day. Shawna Rose told me, “I don’t even torture him with it anymore.”

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