Cintra Wilson Bought Another Alexander Wang T-Shirt, Is Mildly Embarrassed About It


Cintra Wilson gave a rave review of the new Alexander Wang store in Soho in today's Times, which comes as no surprise considering her weakness for Wang's T-shirts. While reviewing the Opening Ceremony store in August, she confessed to purchasing one: "I know what you’ll think, and you’re right: an $89 T-shirt is a crime against humanity ... But it was so soft, it was making my brain flood with dopamine, like a security blanket." Her experience in Wang's boutique is similar: "An $80 black rayon T-shirt should be a grotesque plutocratic sin. But when you put on one of Mr. Wang’s, you realize: oh. This would be equally appropriate for work, bowling, lawn darts, gnocchi fights ... and it drapes well enough to be worn as rebellious evening wear. It connects dots you hadn’t imagined were connectible before." [NYT]