Cintra Wilson Wrote Her Last ‘Critical Shopper’ Column for the Times Today


Today's "Critical Shopper" piece in the Times reviewed the United Nude store on Bond Street, and it started off more or less the way most of Cintra Wilson's pieces do. She began with some highbrow references — in this case, it was the distinction between Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and his nephew, Rem D. Koolhaas, who's the creative director of United Nude (in past cases, she's ruminated on the number of 500-euro notes in circulation, or patriarchal social engineering). She then addressed the store itself, which is decorated with "a shiny black jewel-faceted art thing that looks sort of like a fetal Lamborghini," and expounded upon the shoes themselves, some of which "look like what happens when a chubby little pair of Crocs is picked up at a nightclub and ends up passed out in a hotel sauna." Oh, Cintra.

A Safe Walk in the Dark [NYT]