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A Day in the Life of Issa Designer Daniella Helayel

Daniella Helayel.

If you thought being one of the favorite designers of Kate Middleton would be a role fraught with stresses over making her look good (but not too thin, God forbid) and satisfying her (and her handler's) tastes, you'd be wrong — if you take Issa designer Daniella Helayel's word for it. Helayel, who doesn't discuss her royal clients out of respect for their privacy, told the Huffington Post what a typical day is like for her. Her life sounds just as lovely as Kate Middleton in a photo op — maybe even better.

I love what I do so work is mostly fun for me. I wake up around 7AM to work out with my trainer in Battersea Park and then take a massage. Breakfast at 8AM and I then read the day's papers on my iPad and go through my emails received over the night from our offices in LA, New York and Tokyo with my beautiful dogs Monster and Snowball by my side. Then I'll either walk to the office or hold a meeting at home with my press team to brainstorm ideas for future projects and collaborations, finding new and fun ways of spreading the love of Issa. Followed by a lunch with my sales team to update me on sales globally, they are just wrapping up the AW11 sales in London over the next week or so and then we'll have a much clearer idea of exactly how much Issa's grown.

Afternoons are spent with my design team, working on the Cruise collection at the moment, which can I say is going to be rocking! We've only been researching it for a few weeks, but already there is such a strong direction and I can't wait to see how it turns out, I'm so excited -- I love designing for Cruise. The evenings I'm either jetting off to an exhibition, I adore art and try and visit as many galleries and museums I can, or to a work event or I'm relaxing at home with friends.

The update of this diary ought to be stellar once she figures that last part out. Though it's hard to imagine how a life gets more fabulous than working out with a personal trainer every day, having a massage every day, working with the pets around every day, and then "jetting off" to fancy art gallery openings when all that stuff is done — also, when work consists of making clothes for future princesses. Like, how stressed would you be if you got daily massages and help answering e-mails from Snowball?

A Night Out With Issa Designer Daniella Helayel in Hong Kong [HuffPo]
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Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

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