Diane Von Furstenberg Doesn’t Like How Women Are ‘Objectified’ in the Real Housewives Series

Photo: Charles Eshelman/2011 Charles Eshelman

Diane Von Furstenberg hosted the second DVF Awards at the United Nations Friday night, recognizing the advocacy work of five women, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (Clinton accepted the award from her daughter, Chelsea, whom DVF introduced as someone who “may very well be” our first woman president. Does she know something we don’t?) The night was a celebration of International Women’s Day, but when we caught up with DVF, we got to talking about her problem with women in the U.S. “You know what I don’t like right now about women in America?” she told us. “I don’t like when they are objectified in the Housewives of Miami and the Housewives of ... you know? What I resent is when women are objectified.” Aren't those women putting themselves in that position? “Yeah, yeah. They’re just being encouraged. I just want every woman to know that they can realize their potential — but their potential is not necessarily fake tits.”